Mechanical movement in wooden case

Since our timid experiments in 2018, when we made our first wooden watch. We are constantly learning new finesse of design and perfecting the precision of production. This has taken five years. Before we moved from followers to those exploring unexplored paths. We are always looking for our own approach to making and designing wooden watches. In the spring of 2022, we presented our first models in which we applied the experience we have gained to a new level. We have developed wooden cases that are precise and stable enough to allow the mechanical movements fitted in them to function for a long time without difficulty. Apart from the mechanical stability of the wooden cases, the main problem was sealing them. One of the most important conditions for a sensitive mechanical movement to work accurately. And not to be compromised by intruding dust.


That’s why our automatic machines are waterproof. We mean that if your watch accidentally falls into the bath, for example, nothing will happen and water will certainly not get in. But that doesn’t mean that you can regularly shower or even bathe in it. For one thing, we equip all our watches with a leather strap, and it doesn’t like repeated contact with water. But most importantly, the wooden case should remain beautiful for decades. Like all manufacturers, we have to compromise on how much to treat the wood from the elements. On the one hand, you need to make it as stable a material as possible, which doesn’t work too much. But you don’t want to make it practically plastic, just resembling wood. Especially for products that are in contact with your skin for a long time. In our case, we have gone the route of special blends of natural oils and essential oils that have a health certificate. Each wooden case undergoes a demanding impregnation process. The resulting finish reliably protects the watch for normal use. But prolonged, repeated contact with water cannot be recommended. In this case, the surface will be damaged over time.

Wooden skeleton

As already indicated. The breakthrough in the new models is that the watch is fitted with a mechanical skeleton movement with automatic winding. And that’s without the unnecessary metal accessories that would have to protect the movement. These jewels combine the precisely crafted warm natural material with the cool precision of the watch movement into one inseparable whole. And at the same time, everything is beautifully visible, which enhances the impression of a unique combination of materials, technology and handmade craftsmanship.

Miyota movements

As with the quartz watches, we’re betting on the same manufacturer from Japan. We equip our movements with four colour variants of the Miyota 8N24 skeleton movement. You can choose from silver, gold, black and blue. The open movement in which you can see not only a ticking heart, but a whole series of gears, bearing sapphires and other design elements, fascinates with its beauty and functionality. It is set into the wooden body in such a way that it is as visible as possible from both sides. From the dial side as well as the back side, where you can see especially the movement of the winding weight, the rotor. The Miyota 8n24 is set with 21 sapphire stones. It has a winding power reserve of 42 hours and its heart beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour.

Edison Automaton

The design of this wooden watch is based on the classic “Edison” model, only slightly larger in virtually all dimensions. The rectangular case is rounded at the corners. The straight horizontal lines are transformed by the round edge into elliptical verticals. At the thinnest point on the right-hand side there is a crown, which is thus protected from damage. For this model, we are playing with different thicknesses of the watch body. Ironically, they are highest at the outer corners, where their thickness reaches 14 millimetres. Towards the centre, they get thinner, up to where the 31mm diameter glass starts. This is convex, and towards the middle the thickness of the watch increases again. However, the highest point of the glass remains below the level of the outer corners, so that it is always protected from scratches. The dial has twelve spokes protruding from its surface, for convenient time telling. In the center of the dial is a large round hole in which almost the entire skeleton movement is visible. It is also visible through the lower cover, into which a 25mm diameter glass is set. The 22mm wide strap is hidden in the recesses of the body, as is usual with our watches. This extravagant model is designed especially for the more powerful men’s hand.

Scala Automat

The design of the wooden watch is again based on the classic “Scala” model, only slightly larger. The basic shape remains a cylinder 13 mm high, with a diameter of 41 mm. This is mounted on a 24 x 9 x 47 mm block. The combination of these two bodies forms the basis for the construction of this model. The relatively large dial is defined by the aforementioned cylinder, which has its highest part on its outer edge and falls sharply towards the centre. This creates a 5 mm thick wall which forms the basis for the 31 mm diameter convex glass. In addition to the tiny edge, this is supported by 12 protrusions in the shape of a point, which merge with the dial towards the centre. These spokes allow for a comfortable reading of the time. There is a large hole in the dial in which the embedded clock movement can be seen. At the 6 and 12 o’clock positions, a rounded block protrudes from the cylinder, which is hollow at the bottom. A leather strap 18 mm wide is attached to these holes. This minimalist yet very elegant watch impresses at first glance with its refined play of shapes and masses. In the Automat version, this play is enhanced by the technical beauty of the visible open movement. As a whole, the watch forms a unique piece of jewellery full of charm and elegance.