Picture brooches

Picture brooches are created intuitively and are always unique. Depending on my mood, I set my own drawing, photo or interesting picture in the brooch bridge and then add small stones, minerals, pearls and cut beads. I choose the materials carefully. The stones are attached using the wire method and carefully in numbers of up to 80 pieces. The brooches are suitable for decorating a coat, sweater, scarf as well as a shirt. I have been making brooches for over 10 years and they have become very popular, both as a gift and a nice attention. I wish you to choose your heart, then the brooch will let your uniqueness stand out.

Something for gentlemen

Noble woods and glamorous stones, complemented by metal. A combination of elegance and minimalism. These are jewels that carry hidden stories. Are you ready to write yours? Choose men’s jewellery to suit your own style and taste.

Pearl jewellery

Since time immemorial, pearls have fascinated man. They are synonymous with wealth and high social status. They also represent a woman and her ability to give life. Be unique and show your femininity.

Jablonecké sklo

Zachovat tradiční zvučné jméno české bižuterie stále naživu jsem si vzala za krásný závazek. Jablonecké sklo je zárukou kvality a preciznosti na rozdíl od masové výroby z  Asijských zemí. Perly jsou vyrobeny pouze z českého skla a tuzemských materiálů. Kupujte kvalitu jejich krása Vám učaruje.

Mineral bracelets

The stone itself is a piece of jewelry for us, created by nature and formed over millions of years. Our favourite stones are those with a pattern that seem to tell stories from the Earth’s past. In our shop you will find mostly simple jewellery to make the stone itself stand out as much as possible. We love combinations of materials, wood – stone, river pearl – coral, fossils – glass. We know every detail of our jewellery intimately because they are all created in our heads, uniqueness is our first priority. Wear jewellery with a story.

Wood and stone

Wood is a natural material and its structure is very specific. It has many shades of colour and each piece of wood can vary, just as individual products made from it are not always identical. Each one is different and therefore original. The subtle change in shade is not a defect but a unique feature. We select noble woods and enchanting semi-precious stones and minerals with love. A combination of elegance and minimalism. Just choose.


Having your jewellery in harmony is a must. Choose the set that suits you. Sets in silver, gold, and even seemingly plain costume jewellery you will simply fall in love with.